Help Wanted: Girl Coders

Times are a-changing! Watch out world, we are coming out and we are growing or NOT?! My husband works for a big Telecommunication company and he tells me that women programmers are rare in his department. There are more in QA (Quality Assurance) testing but not programmers.



— Where did all the women go?

That’s the question being asked at Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and other tech companies, as well as in university computer labs. Over the past three decades, the number of women involved in coding and programming has plummeted. In 1984, 37 percent of all computer science college graduates were women. Today, that figure stands at a mere 12 percent.

It’s tempting to blame underfunded schools, which lack the resources to keep pace with staffing and new technology, as one cause for the decline. Resistance to curriculum changes also come into play. But those issues do not take into account a larger societal problem that plagues girls specifically—namely, they are often discouraged from pursuing an interest in coding and programming.
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