Quick Fix for Google Chrome Error: “Inconsistent Google Update Group Policy Settings”

THIS FIX IS FOR WINDOWS 7 ONLY. I don’t know if it works for older WINDOWS versions or WINDOWS 8/ 8.1. Be cautious!


Ever encountered this?? If you are like me who does like reading the long lines of explanation about ‘this’ and ‘that’ or going from one link to a hyperlink, URL trying to understand and question your knowledge about computer basics, asking yourself, “Am I so dumb that I don’t know how to get to the folder they are talking about?!” Calm yourself. Relax. 🙂

STEP 1: Click your START button which looks like this: winStartButton

STEP 2: Navigate your eyeballs to where the arrows are on the image below:

STEP 3: Write “Regedit” without the quote (” “) on the space where the arrows are pointed in the above image, and press [Enter] It may take a little longer for others, otherwise if all is well… Registry Editor will appear which look like this below.
NOTE: For some computers it will ask you for permission to let the 'program' make changes to your computer (or something like that) just click OK or YES


STEP 4: As SEEN on the previous image (ABOVE) Look for a folder called: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE (double click it); then look for a folder called: SOFTWARE (double click it as well, don’t worry if it keeps on getting longer 😉 as long as you know what and where you are clicking!).

STEP 5: Step3-bUnder the SOFTWARE folder, look for a folder called: POLICIES (double click it); Under the folder POLICIES look for the folder called: GOOGLE (double click it also)

STEP 6: Step5In the GOOGLE folder there is a folder called: UPDATE.
Right click on it (on the folder UPDATE) and DELETE it. Wait and make sure it is indeed deleted 🙂

STEP 7: Try updating your CHROME Browser again.
Click the .exe file again (the one you downloaded to update the browser).

Good luck! If it worked for you, YAY! If not…look somewhere else for help, it seems like you need more than just a quick fix like this. I send you with wishes of good fortune and hope you will find what you’re looking for! 🙂

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